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Harry Dabbs

Most of our Harry Dabbs saddles are bespoke, made to order. They offer a range of designs suitable for many different horse shapes.


We will bring a selection of Harry Dabbs saddles to your appointment and then try different styles and shapes in order to get the perfect fit for both horse and rider. We then order exactly what you need and you know that you have ridden in it and both your horse and yourself are comfortable.


These saddles usually take 6 - 8 weeks for delivery. Prices vary as there are so many different options available but generally start from £1250 for a GP.


Most Harry Dabbs saddles are available in seat sizes from 15" to 18". We tend to stock mainly 17" & 17.5" for our demos, so if you require a much smaller size please discuss this with us first.


Below is a selection of what we tend to keep as demos and then we build your saddle around the tree shape suitable for your horse. All of the saddles are available in Dressage, GP, Jump or Working Hunter. Jump & dressage saddles are available as monoplaps.

harryDabbsLogo Future jump DJ Italiano

Jump Saddles

Future Jump

Deep Jump


Dressage Saddles

GP Saddles

Avant GP IB GP Hunter GP

Avant GP


Hunter GP

Dressage surface block avant dressage Hunter dressage

Dressage with Surface block

Avant Dressage

Hunter Dressage