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Most of our Jeffries saddles are bespoke, made to order. They offer a range of designs that suit a good many horse shapes.


We will bring a selection of Jeffries saddles to your appointment and then try different styles and shapes in order to get the perfect fit for both horse and rider. We then order exactly what you need and you know that you have ridden in it and both your horse and yourself are comfortable.


These saddles usually take 6 - 8 weeks for delivery. Prices vary as there are so many different options available but generally start from £1250 for a GP.

Jeffries Liberty

The Jeffries Liberty Saddle is a great option for  wider horses or those that need a bit more space at the base of the wither, yet still have a little bit of shape. It's available in a GP, Jump, Dressage or Working Hunter version.

Liberty GP liberty jump liberty dressage

Liberty GP

Liberty Jump

Liberty Dressage

Jeffries Sport

Jeffries XP

Saddles built using the Sport and Liberty trees feature: •Flatter rails •Open head (greater on the Liberty which is ideal for wider horse types) •Low stitch line •Generous Gullet for good spine clearance. •Good panel depth and bearing surface •English wool flocked panel Riders will benefit from the soft dual density seat, substantial knee/thigh blocks and stitched knee pads - all of which provide a great look, comfort and seat security. It's available in a GP, Jump, Dressage or Working Hunter version.

sport dressage sport gp

Sport Dressage

Sport GP

The XP range is the ideal choice for use on native and traditional horse types which often present a broad wither and flat back. Available in GP, Dressage and Working Hunter.

XP GP xp wh

Sport GP

Sport GP