Can be adjusted to any width
Can be set to your horses template - please send us a wither template 

The XF is a great option for horses with a straight back and average wither height.

Colour -Brown
Width - can be adjusted to any width
Condition - 4.5/5
Flocking - Excellent/soft
Girth straps - Excellent

Condition relates purely to visual condition.
All our saddles are fully checked by a qualified saddle fitter for safety, symmetry, tree soundness and flocking quality.
However, with any secondhand saddle, it’s history is usually relatively unknown so no guarantees can be made for its life expectancy!
If you’d like any further details on any of our saddles, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

17.5" Harry Dabbs XF Dressage - Brown

SKU: 60979
Seat size
Colour: Brown