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Size: 5.5" (140mm) 

RRP £129.54

Does your horse set and go?

This versatile design offers four rein options including the curb strap and Pelham Roundings. The loose lever action emphasises the rider’s rein aids and suits the ‘overenthusiastic’ horse that needs to comeback and ‘listen’; helps tremendously with outline. As the Waterford bends in every direction it usually suits all types of mouth conformation, including big, fat tongues. This slimmer, innovative Waterford mouthpiece features a lip shelf which normally eradicates the previously common problem of rubs.
Does your horse lean or pull? Does he fully understand your aids but continues to ignore you? Do you have an independent seat with hands that will give once he responds? The Neue Schule Waterford is designed to give you the control back whilst eradicating the fighting and pulling that often causes damage and consequently a hard mouth. This new design incorporates slimmer, smoother, more clearly defined links and also features an ergonomic shelf for the lips to rest on normally eradicating the previously commonly experienced problem of rubs.

Neue Schule LipSMART Waterford Universal