Saddle Sales Terms & Conditions

(Commission Sales)

Your saddle will be fully insured whilst with us and the utmost care will be taken with it, however, saddles will be made available for prospective buyers to ride in, so it is possible that very small marks, dirt or signs of wear will appear. Under no circumstances will saddles be left with prospective buyers unless full payment has been received.


Any significant damage received whilst in our care, other than minor wear and tear will be covered by Wessex Saddles.


If your saddle is being posted to us, please make sure you have adequate insurance to cover it whilst in transit.


Wessex Saddles will take a commission once your saddle is sold and you will receive the remaining balance. Commission can vary and will be stated clearly once we agree to take your saddle. Your payment may take up to 28 days to be paid. As a business we have to allow a certain time period for returns even on secondhand items.


There is no guarantee that your saddle will be sold, but we will do our very best to achieve a sale for you. However, if your saddle hasn’t sold within a reasonable time scale, you may be asked to collect your saddle. In this instance, saddles must be collected from Wessex Saddles (by arrangement or by courier) within 7 days. It is at the discretion of Wessex Saddles as to how long they want to keep your saddle in stock.


You are welcome to collect your saddle at any point if you decide to keep it or sell it elsewhere, however, once saddles have been taken back by the seller, we cannot restock them at a later date should you change your mind.


Secondhand saddles can have ‘faults’ that are not apparent until they are tried on another horse and ridden in. If your saddle is found to have a problem after the initial check, you will be asked to collect your saddle from us. Saddles must be collected within 7 days.

It is the sellers responsibility to get the saddle to and from Wessex Saddles. Occasionally Wessex saddles may be able to collect or drop off by arrangement, but ultimately this should be the sellers duty to drop off and collect or arrange postage of their own saddle(s).

Saddles that are not collected within 28 days, once requested, may be disposed of.